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Hi, I'm Kylee

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Kylee Pedrosa


Dietitian Nutritionist + Diabetes Expert

Kylee Pedrosa Nutrition and Wellness is driven by a single mission: Empowering my clients to take charge of their diabetes and live their best lives!

Most people know what to do to manage their diabetes--but not everyone knows how to do it. You may feel frustrated, guilty, and overwhelmed when the numbers on the scale and your A1C don’t change. The problem may not be with you, but with the one-size-fits-all approach to diet, exercise, and blood sugar management.

The traditional way of doing things is to treat weight loss, carb-cutting, and strict diets as the only path to living a healthy life with diabetes. But there’s more to life, and to diabetes management, than just diet and exercise.

I will help you create a plan to end the confusion, uncertainty, and discomfort around health and diabetes care to discover what changes YOU want to make. If you are ready to take charge of your diabetes and be in the driver's seat, schedule an appointment today!

Clifftop Yoga

Take charge of your diabetes and THRIVE!



I can help if you are:

  • Managing Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes

  • Managing Type 1 diabetes in your children

  • Managing Pre-diabetes

  • Trying to reduce your risk due to genetic predisposure or lifestyle challenges.


My focus as a Diabetes Health Coach is on your overall happiness, confidence, and health. Your health is made up of much more than just numbers, which is why I Iook at all aspects of your well-being. I want to help you not just live, but thrive.

We may be a great fit if you:


  • Need to take charge of your diabetes, rather than continuing to let it control your life

  • Want to develop a positive mindset about managing your diabetes and make peace with your diagnosis knowing that it can no longer hold you back

  • Need guidance to create sustainable healthy food and exercise habits that fit into a busy lifestyle (yes, even yours!)

  • Want to find joy in eating and develop a healthy relationship with food

  • Are ready to learn about the underlying issues that have been preventing your success

  • Are looking for continuous support, guidance, and accountability

  • Just want to know that you are not alone in your journey

I may not be the best fit if you:

  • Are only focused on losing weight rather than creating long-lasting, sustainable healthy habits

  • Want a meal plan rather than a health care partner who is in it with you 110%

  • Aren’t yet ready for change

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