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Kylee Pedrosa, MS, RDN, LDN



54 East Oakland Avenue

Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901

Privacy Policy

Disclaimer: All information provided on this site is my personal and professional opinion and should not be considered as a medical diagnosis or treatment. For individualized health guidance, consult with your physician or health care provider.

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Website Design by Winebrenner Designs LLC

Member Portal

Existing clients can schedule appointments, make payments, and send secure messages to me via my online member portal.

Prospective clients can book a free 15-minute phone consultation to help determine whether Kylee Pedrosa Diabetes Health Coach services are the right fit.

My member portal is a free cloud-based technology platform, so it’s accessible from all of your devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. It allows you to easily: 


Communicate with me

  • Message securely

  • Get virtual counseling via video

  • Schedule and book appointments quickly

  • Send and receive videos or documents on health topics you care about


Track health activities and get feedback from me

  • Log your food (via photo journaling), selfies, and health metrics

  • Sync wearables, like your FitBit and iHealth

  • Set personal goals and track your progress

  • Get real-time advice and encouragement to help keep you on track


Take care of business

  • Pay and track payments to Kylee Pedrosa Diabetes Health Coach

  • Keep your personal health information safe and secure

  • Complete digital forms and e-sign, avoiding paperwork and back and forth e-mail